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Where To Find Money For College

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You need money for college and you need it now. Welcome!  This is a resource for parents of college bound students and this page is the best place for you to get started! Maybe your child’s college is a couple of years away or maybe college starts next year and you haven’t saved enough for the first year let alone all four years. It may seem like you’re trapped in a maze of information. You don’t know what to do or where to start. There are thousands of colleges, the FAFSA, CSS/Profile, and FSA IDs, thousands of scholarships, grants, and loans. There are resources scattered everywhere. On top of that your child needs to worry about their GPA, class rank, ACT, SAT, and maybe even retakes of those exams.

You probably feel overwhelmed and confused…..


Your College Money Nightmare Ends Now!

If you are new to the financial aid process and have not taken your first step continue reading If you have started the process but still don’t have a clear idea how you will be getting lots of money for college than continue reading!

It’s all about having a strategy with the focus on getting as much free money for college as possible. I call this process – College Money Strategy™ and I’m committed to giving you the techniques that have been proven to get money for college.

So let’s begin!

The money is out there! Look at it like a river of free college money flowing above your head. Most try to jump up and grab as much as they can in little chunks. They do that over and over trying to grab a few dollars at a time…..exhausting. What if you could divert that river to your college expenses instead? You can and I’ll show you how.


The College Money Strategy™

It’s all about the Strategy! In order to get as much free money for college as possible you have to understand where the majority of the money is and since you don’t have a lot of time you also need to know how to get it easily. Let’s start by walking through the logic:

1. The easiest money comes directly from the colleges!

The colleges have the money!! Now some colleges have more money than others and some give it away more freely! Finding the colleges that have deep pockets and have a proven track record of giving incoming freshmen lots of money is extremely important. You can take that a step further by making sure those colleges continue doling out the cash during sophomore through senior years as well. One other thing, the free money should also be mainly gift aid which doesn’t have to be paid back.

You don’t find easy money by doing scholarship searches! There are thousands of private scholarships out there and they are usually small dollar amounts. Most are very specific, for example: a $1000, one time scholarship if you have a disability or come from a specific ethnic group and are going into a specific field of study. You may have to do something extra to get these like an application or an essay. What you will learn later is that these private scholarships may actually hurt you if you qualify for need based aid. You may be ambitious enough to want to do it all, including scholarship searches, but save this for last!

Find the colleges that have deep pockets and have proven to give freshmen lots of money! 

2.  Searching for colleges (the smart way) —– Find those colleges that want YOU!
Your job now is to find colleges that have a certain profile. That profile I described already. It’s deep pocket schools. Did you know that each student also has a profile. Colleges are looking for a certain type of student or student profile!. (Please understand they are not all looking for valedictorians! There is a college out there that’s looking for your type of student!). If you fit within a college’s student profile or even exceed their expectations you put yourself in a position where those deep pocket colleges WANT to give you money.

Here’s where the magic starts to happen. You must find a college which has (and gives) lots of money and where you are in the top 25% of incoming freshmen. If you do that you dramatically increase your chance of getting free money for college!

I can’t stress enough how powerful this technique is.

You must find a college which has lots of money and where you are in the top 25% of incoming freshmen  

3.  Now filter that college list.
Once you have a list of colleges that meet the above criteria then you can narrow those choices by the things you want and expect for your college experience. If you want the most money for college as possible this is the only approach you should take. If you look for colleges first then try and get aid you will get money only if you are lucky enough to select a school that has money to give.

Now you will have a list of colleges that you want to attend …..that have lots of money …..and that want to give it to you!

Find those money colleges first then filter the choices  

4.  Let the competition begin!

You need to have a mentality shift! You must believe that colleges are competing for your student and not the other way around because the fact is they are competing for you. The list of colleges you have now is gold and your next job is to use techniques that create competition between the colleges. (Hint: you are half way there just by selecting the right schools!)

You must believe that colleges are competing for you

5.  Get the process started.

It’s very important to do the right things at the right time! I can’t stress this enough. If you start late or miss critical steps you may lose easy money! DON’T LOSE EASY MONEY! Here’s just a short list of some of the things you need to do as part of this College Money Strategy™:

  • Take and retake entrance exams
    • PSAT
    • ACT/SAT
  • Complete college entrance requirements
    • applications
    • essays
    • exams
  • Use aid maximizing strategies and techniques***
  • Complete financial aid requirements
    • FAFSA
    • CSS/Profile
    • State Aid requirements
    • School specific aid requirements
More free money is lost by not completing the forms correctly than any other area in the financial aid process!  

6.  Appeal your financial aid award

Sometime in the spring of your high school senior year (and maybe sooner depending on the college) you will be getting your acceptance letters and shortly after your financial aid letters. You may be thinking you should just look at the best offer and take it! Not so fast.

Appealing your aid award is a huge topic itself. Since this is just an overview of the strategy let me say that this is the second biggest area where you have the potential to get lots of free money for college. When I’m working with a family an important piece of this process is developing an appeal strategy. I don’t know why but many people think that if they appeal, the financial aid officer may think they are greedy and take some of the aid they have already been awarded away. This does not happen! The worst that will happen is you are told that the college has no more money to give.

The second biggest way to get free money for college is to appeal your aid award

Sounds simple right?………simple but not easy.

Why This College Money Strategy™ May Not Work For You!

Most students start by looking for colleges they want to attend. The criteria is based on things like:; what you will major in, size of the campus, where it’s located, where your friends are going, etc. . You have to throw this idea out if your intention is getting the most amount of free money for college possible! This strategy will not work for you if:

  1. You have one college that you want to go to and that is the be all and end all choice.
  2. You are not willing to put the time and effort into doing the right things that we teach!

Ok so now you know, in a very general way what it takes to get the most money for college that you possibly can. This resource is all about giving you the techniques for each section of this strategy!


If you read this far than congratulations to you. I consider you serious about getting money for college! I’ve walked hundreds of families through this process and I’m here to help you in anyway I can!


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