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Where To Find Money For College


These are the tools and resources I use. I wanted to be able to have one place where you can find these resources so you can effectively go through the College Money Strategy™ process. I’ll add to it as time goes on but I will only add resources that are screened by me personally. I recommend bookmarking this page so you can refer back to it easily.

My Most Recommended Tools


College Financial Aid Tracker

This is a must have tool! With this spreadsheet you will be able to input every financial aid award you receive for each one of the colleges you are accepted to. It will also walk you through calculating your true cost of attendance. Compare the aid awards at each school to determine who is giving you the best offer! The best part is it’s only $5.95.

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The Scholarship and Grant Guide

If you are willing to do the work to find private scholarships then this is an excellent source of private scholarships. You can find scholarships for college or graduate school. Get it here – The Scholarship And Grant Guide



Student Financial Aid Services


Filing the FAFSA incorrectly is the biggest cause of lost financial aid. I have filed or helped file FAFSAs for hundreds of families that’s how I know! You can have someone help you file your FAFSA and help avoid money losing mistakes. Click here to find out how!




Determining Your Financial Need

EFC Calculator – This is a great Expected Family Contribution (EFC) calculator. Once you go to the website you will need to go to the FAFSA4caster link and that will pull up the calculator.



FSA ID  – You will need to get an FSA ID for the student and a parent.

File your FAFSA – This is where you can file the FAFSA.


CSS/Profile  – This form is required by 400 colleges and scholarships. It is used when a university is giving out their own aid.

CSS/Profile Colleges and Scholarships – These are the colleges and scholarships that require the CSS/Profile



Financial Aid Info

Information For Financial Aid Professionals IFAP – This is a great resource designed for financial aid officers at the colleges. It is a little complicated to navigate but offers great insight to the parent of a college bound student.

    • EFC – Current detailed information on how EFC is calculated – go to the site, in the search box type EFC formula guide, hit go. then select the formula guide, then select the current school year.


Entrance Exams

SAT  – This is the place to register for the SAT as well as check upcoming exams dates

ACT – This is the place to register for the ACT as well as check upcoming exams dates


College Search

College Navigator – This search engine is provided by the National Center for Education Statistics. It will do everything you need EXCEPT search colleges and rank colleges by their financial aid profile matched to the students profile. I am currently working on a search program that will do just that and will update you when it is complete.

Disclosure: Please note that some these links may be affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. Please understand that I only recommend certain products and services because they are helpful and useful not because of a small commission. I am more interested in helping you get the most free money for college possible and will do what I can to help you reach that goal. Please do not spend any money on these services or products unless you feel it will accomplish the above.