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Where To Find Money For College
0 comments Federal Financial Aid

    So you need to concentrate your efforts in the areas where you can maximize the amount of money you can get in a short period of time. The links below are one of the first places you need to look. You need to know what the Federal Gov't is offering! You must also […] Read More

2 comments moneyforcollege.example1

  Here's another headline I could use:   Or how about this one:     Ok here are the details. This  student came to me with one college choice and only one. That was his first mistake. That particular college, a hot school at the time, wait listed him. If you get wait listed by a […] Read More

4 comments Guidance Counselor Speaks

I had one burning question on my mind that needed to be answered. It’s probably the very same question you ask yourself over and over. Why do students fail to get free money for college? So I went to the source. I went to the people on the front lines. I wanted to know from […] Read More

0 comments What Is financial aid

This is a great question but too few ask it? I think it's because people assume they know. Most believe you have to be dirt poor to get any financial aid. But before you can go a step further in this process of finding cash for college it's critical that you understand this. It's critical because unless you know exactly […] Read More

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I could teach a two day seminar on this topic alone. It’s what every parent wants to know! So I’m going to break this down and make it very simple. Consider this the beginning of your journey. You have to make some critical decisions right here and right now before you can go any further. […] Read More