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Where To Find Money For College

Make Sure Your Student Graduates College in 4 Years!

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1 comment college graduation rates

  You may be shocked to know the percentage of students that actually graduate college in 4 years! The number of students needing 5 and even 6 years to graduate is increasing at an alarming rate. Below is a list of all the 4 year colleges that reported 4 year graduation rate data for the 2012 […] Read More

Inside The Mind Of A Financial Aid Officer

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0 comments how does financial aid work

  It's not very often that you get the opportunity to talk to a financial aid officer and even rarer that one will talk freely and openly about how the financial aid process works from their perspective. How does financial aid work? I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to find out!  I had the […] Read More

Is College Worth The Money?

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2 comments Is College Worth The Money

  This is a question that, in my opinion, must be asked by all parents who have college bound students. The problem of college costs must be viewed as a business or investment proposition. You have to take a look at what the return on investment is going to be. This is important because the […] Read More

4 comments Guidance Counselor Speaks

I had one burning question on my mind that needed to be answered. It’s probably the very same question you ask yourself over and over. Why do students fail to get free money for college? So I went to the source. I went to the people on the front lines. I wanted to know from […] Read More