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Where To Find Money For College
3 comments EFC Expected Family Contribution

  The very first step in the financial aid process and the College Money Strategy™ is finding out how much you, the parent, is expected to pay towards your student's college costs. You are likely going to be expected to pay something ..... whether you think you can afford to or not! This expectation is known […] Read More

0 comments Federal Financial Aid

    So you need to concentrate your efforts in the areas where you can maximize the amount of money you can get in a short period of time. The links below are one of the first places you need to look. You need to know what the Federal Gov't is offering! You must also […] Read More

0 comments What Is financial aid

This is a great question but too few ask it? I think it's because people assume they know. Most believe you have to be dirt poor to get any financial aid. But before you can go a step further in this process of finding cash for college it's critical that you understand this. It's critical because unless you know exactly […] Read More