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Where To Find Money For College

0 comments College Financial Aid Profile

    In this series on college financial aid I've been showing you how to analyze a college from a College Money Strategy™ point of view.  I told you what you need to look for if you qualify for need based aid as well as merit based aid. As I wrap up this series I want […] Read More

0 comments Analyzing a college for merit based financial aid

    In this article I want to show you how to analyze a college from a "merit based" financial aid perspective. Remember, my College Money Strategy™ focuses on getting as much free money for college as possible. In order to do this you must match your student's profile with the right college. As I […] Read More

1 comment Analyzing a college for need based financial aid

  Analyzing a college from a College Money Strategy™ viewpoint is extremely important if you are trying to get as much free money for college as possible. Each college has a profile and my basic premise is that the profile you should be looking for are colleges that have deep pockets and have proven to give […] Read More

Make Sure Your Student Graduates College in 4 Years!

Category: General
1 comment college graduation rates

  You may be shocked to know the percentage of students that actually graduate college in 4 years! The number of students needing 5 and even 6 years to graduate is increasing at an alarming rate. Below is a list of all the 4 year colleges that reported 4 year graduation rate data for the 2012 […] Read More

Inside The Mind Of A Financial Aid Officer

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0 comments how does financial aid work

  It's not very often that you get the opportunity to talk to a financial aid officer and even rarer that one will talk freely and openly about how the financial aid process works from their perspective. How does financial aid work? I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to find out!  I had the […] Read More

How To Choose A College: Public vs Private

Category: College Money Strategy
0 comments How To Choose A College

   I know what you are thinking! You are thinking that there is no way you can afford the price tag of a private college so you are just going to send your student to a state school. You are not alone. Many parents have that very same thought. Do you know who else knows […] Read More

0 comments Tuition Assistance

  You'll find me saying this many times on this website. I'm all about giving you actionable advice. My goal is to provide strategies and techniques that, if implemented, give you the opportunity to get free money for college. I want to reveal one little strategy that can reap big money and I rarely hear […] Read More

2 comments FAFSA Mistakes

The Free Application For Federal Student Aid or FAFSA needs to be filed if you want Federal student aid and many state and college specific scholarships require it as well. It's not that complicated of a form. Maybe that's because I've reviewed and/or filed the FAFSA for hundreds of students. One thing is certain, they […] Read More

You Need To Know The True Cost Of Attendance!

Category: College Money Strategy
0 comments True cost of attendance

  True cost of attendance? What does that mean? I guarantee you'll be glad I brought this topic up and even happier after I explain it. If you do not know what the true cost of attendance to each college your student is applying to, then you may be leaving money on the table right […] Read More

3 comments EFC Expected Family Contribution

  The very first step in the financial aid process and the College Money Strategy™ is finding out how much you, the parent, is expected to pay towards your student's college costs. You are likely going to be expected to pay something ..... whether you think you can afford to or not! This expectation is known […] Read More